Private Practice

Beginning in July 2012, individuals can contract for time and support with Laurie independently of their organizations. She is available for in person meetings (in her Oak Park office or other mutually identified locations) or for phone sessions (including Skype). If you are wanting help with work stress, life balance, career or life transition planning, parenting effectiveness throughout various career stages), please contact Laurie for more details on how to proceed.


Individual Executive Coaching

Are you looking to ramp up your leadership to the next level? Are there specific leadership skills you want to improve? Is your leadership strategy (i.e., how you intend to align relevant others around your business strategy) top of mind and quickly repeatable? Can your team easily summarize your leadership platform and defining values when asked? Are you improving your leadership better, faster or cheaper than last year or can you afford to stay the same course?

An effective leader must envision — and then convey and deliver — a better state to other people. And, to be successful in both the short and long term, this state must be created cost and time efficiently as well as ethically, responsibly, and legally.

Executive coaching is one tool that many leaders use to ensure they are achieving this goal and experiencing genuine fulfillment with their work and career choices. Executive coaching is also a way to ensure that individual leaders are improving at least at the same rate that their businesses must improve every year.

To help executives determine if Executive coaching might be valuable for them, I developed The 15 Minute Leadership Quiz©. Each question on the Quiz represents an area of focus in my work with executives As you read through the questions, note how easy or how difficult you find them. The goal is not to arrive at just any answer in less than 15 minutes. Rather, it is to have smart, clear, and concise answers that are top of mind and immediately actionable for you. Why? Because these answers represent decisions that strong leaders execute against routinely to be maximally effective, in both their eyes and the eyes of history.

So, if you can answer these questions in fewer than 15 minutes and be content with your answers, then you likely have no pressing need for the kind of executive coaching that I offer or recommend.

Download The 15-Minute Leadership Quiz here

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