Hire Laurie?


Anyone who wants to be better at leading, coaching, mentoring, strategizing, igniting change, or aligning others to achieve better results in responsible and sustainable ways.

Leaders who want sustained improvements in their leadership style and strategies versus shifts in surface behaviors that may or may not last over time.

Leaders who want more command over who they are as leaders, why they lead, and what they want their legacy to be.

Leaders who want to determine how and when to improve their approach during large-scale change.

Organizations that seek specifically to improve: leadership bench strength; executive team alignment, or executive development, feedback (i.e. 360 degree), and succession planning systems.

Laurie is:

Smart—will you be threatened by that?

Direct—will you be offended by that?

Relentlessly focused on helping others be more effective—are you as committed to a successful outcome as Laurie will be?

High energy—if you say, “We keep working until we figure this out,” do you mean it?

Fun to work with—is ‘fun’ incompatible with ‘professional’ for you?

Good at probing and strengthening someone’s thought process—do you want your thought process examined?

Resourceful—are you willing to consider other avenues?

Great at connecting people to other people—would you rather be a loner?

Good at accelerating the learning/development process—would you rather go slowly?


Dr. Laurie Anderson has an intense work style. In her drive to make you better, and from a place of ‘tough love’, she will push you. She will ask you hard questions and she may not accept your first response as your honest answer. If you would prefer a more gentle pace and style, Laurie is probably not the best person for your situation.


Laurie Anderson, Ph.D.
715 Lake Street, Suite 516
Oak Park, Il 60303-0101

Office phone: 708-524-2444
Email: laurie@drlaurieanderson.com

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