What clients say about Laurie …

Over her 20-year career, Laurie has worked with hundreds of executives, many of whom write in to say thanks. As you can tell from these kudos, Laurie aspires to have great coaching relationships. These comments should give you a sense of how she works, and help you determine whether or not her style might be right for you.

“Laurie is expert at quickly assessing the incongruity between who you think you are and who you really want to be. She is relentless in her drive to make you better at what you do. And she will give you practical and proven suggestions to implement the same day.”

“Having the unique ability to be direct and candid but also warm, encouraging and very, very funny, Laurie will take you places you wouldn’t ordinarily go…. But later you will be glad you went there and will thank her for it.”

“She is high energy, upbeat and tirelessly supporting. She leaves people feeling replenished and encouraged.”

“Laurie is extremely bright, quick-witted and works well with people who are not afraid to talk to others about how they could be better leaders.”

“Laurie completely reinvigorated my career. And by doing so, she changed my life. I’ve recommended her countless times to others inside and outside my company.”

“Laurie has the unique ability to be direct and candid with someone. She coaches others by effectively balancing the right amount of backbone with the right amount of heart. She encourages people to confront issues directly and honestly… and with just the right amount of humor.”

“She’s smart about business, smart about leading people, and smart about how to make lasting changes in yourself. This is exactly what I want in a coach. And she’s a lot of fun to work with.”

The testimonials above are anonymous at the clients’ request.  Speaking directly with some of Laurie’s clients for reference purposes can be arranged.

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