Career Assessment in 20 Questions


Dr. Laurie’s 20 Questions© for Individual Career Planning

For maximum career success and fulfillment, we need to be able to identify and pursue work assignments that provide:

  • Contribution (impact)
  • Meaning (legacy)
  • Fit (alignment of work with core values and other life priorities)

So the WHY/ WHY /WHERE/HOW/SO THAT of our career direction represent the core choices in a strategic career action plan….

And given the fluidity of the world and life, a narrow focus on a single manifestation of career success and fulfillment could restrict our ability to recognize and pursue compelling variations on our essential career themes….This is why we don’t identify THE DREAM JOB and call that a strategic career plan.

Please use the questions on the following pages to articulate the parameters of your strategic career plan. Use whatever additional space you need…but remember: we want to confront, and not avoid some hard choices…. more words/more explanations/longer lists sometimes work against achieving the clarity and focus required to work both effectively and ‘on purpose’.

Dr. Laurie’s 20 Questions© for Individual Career Planning

Clear and concise answers to these questions will provide a GREAT
snapshot of who YOU are TODAY related to your UNIQUE

1.    What I most want to receive or experience from work is:

2.    What I most want to improve or correct related to my current work situation is:

3.    The industries/functional areas I (most want/least want) to work in include:

4.    My (most preferred/least preferred) business problems to solve are:

5.    The (most preferred/least preferred) role for me is:

6.    What is (most important to have/to avoid) about the: (a) organization; (b) boss; (c) colleagues I work with include:

7.    The key strengths that I (most want to apply/least want to emphasize) in my next assignment are:

8.    Some relevant development areas that are mine to manage forever include:

9.    The customer groups I am (best suited /least suited) to work with include:

10.    Key to understanding my work style and approach is:

11.    I am most interested in learning or improving the following skills or abilities:

12.    In general, my work interests have mostly to do with 1 or 2 of the following categories: people; ideas or possibilities; data or information; change; making or fixing things.

13.    If there was a way, I would love to connect my work with the following outside work interests:

14.    I want my career legacy to be: (Does it matter that you have a clear intention now around your leadership legacy or should time tell us what your leadership signature was?)

15.    My most important considerations regarding work/life balance are:

16.    The legacy I most want to leave after each assignment is:

17.    Heretofore, the professional successes that have meant the most to me and/or past employers include:

18.    If I had to summarize the 3-5 professional operating principles most important to me, they would be:

19.    The causes that I care most about at this point in my life are:

20.    Additional considerations that should be figured into my career planning at this point in my life/career include:
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