Change Action Map


A Tool for Leaders Who are Serious About Driving Change

Most organizational change efforts fail. The calls to action issued by many leaders create more confusion than focus, more work versus different work, some ‘new talk’, but no ‘new walk.’

The good news is that most employees want to do things better. But they don’t want to do more things as a way of chasing ‘better.’ So they look to their leadership to specify in behavioral terms what ‘better’ is, and how yesterday’s priorities or standards have been adjusted.

Make no mistake about it. If it’s everything (that needs to be better), then it’s nothing (that will be better). And if nothing is sanctioned to fall off the plate, then nothing new will stay on the plate. And employee morale will certainly plummet.

The purpose of this template is to help leaders make and articulate the tough priority decisions at the outset. Leaders need to study, make, and communicate the strategic decisions that convey: “we are focusing on THIS, and not THAT”. When those tough calls are made early, people throughout the organization can re-prioritize their time to deliver on THIS and not THAT.

There are 5 key elements that require crystal clarity before issuing the “let’s be better” rallying cry. And there are few devices more concrete and clear than a side by side comparison where both sides represent viable, but distinctively different choices.

Today’s direction/priorities  vs. Yesterday’s direction/priorities

Today’s defining behaviors  vs. Yesterday’s defining behaviors

Today’s Investments (time, people resources)  vs. Yesterday’s Investments (time, people, resources)

Today’s measures/targets for success  vs. Yesterday’s measures/targets for success

Today’s rewards for driving success  vs. Yesterday’s rewards for driving success


Laurie Anderson, PhD, is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience as an executive coach to leaders in organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to the World Bank. Visit or call 1-708-524-2444 for more information on Laurie’s services for individuals, groups, and organizations.

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