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What can I tell you...

What can I tell you from over 3 decades of work as a social scientist, clinical psychologist, and coach to thousands of people around the world? 

Wanting to be better is an important first step, but the tricky parts are these:

  • Getting crystal clear and specific (but not ‘small’) on the better you want and why.
  • Selecting the smartest highway, from where you are now, to your ‘better,’ all informed by the most relevant science.
  • Adding the right accountability and rest stops so you will stick it out beyond the inevitably hard moments.
  • Early detection of changes that require adjustments.

Think New Year’s resolutions. Universally appealing. Rarely successful. 

I bring better to getting better. 

Here’s a snapshot of how I think:

  • Perfect is not possible. The word should only be used for compliments (“Dr. Laurie, your advice is perfectly timed!” “Mom, you deliver your suggestions so perfectly!”).
  • Better is a worthy goal and standard. Do not see it as ‘the way’ to perfect. See above.
  • The key elements of achieving better are: 1. taking the time to develop a smart plan that anticipates where other noble folks have derailed and what you will do differently; and 2. following it, as the world keeps spinning.

My purpose: offer specific and practical guidance and support that leads to ‘better’ where it matters most to you.

Dr. Laurie

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