Want to be in my inner circle?

There is a group of people who turn to me as their trusted coach and have for years. I’ve helped them climb the corporate ladder and figure out how to interact with that sullen teenager slamming the door on the way out. 

But I want to expand my reach, and make my thinking, my experience, my insights available to more people. So, I’m writing what I know. 

Right now I’m working on something that will help working parents get a sane life. If you’d like your very own copy of the draft document, click here: 

Pick Your A’s

I write like I talk—straight-up, smart, and actionable, with dashes of humor on the side, and always firmly planted on a foundation of kindness and research.

When my books are ready, I’ll let my inner circle know. If you’d like to be in that group, sign up and you’ll be among the first to hear my news.

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Gain more command of who you are as a leader, why and how you can lead, and what you want your legacy to be.
Determine whether you are on the best career path for your life needs, values, skills sets, and aspirations.
Learn ways to excel in life, wherever it is wildly important, constantly changing, and impossible to deliver perfect.

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