About Dr. laurie Anderson

PhD. Consultant. Working Single Mom.

If you like qualifications, here are mine:

  • Licensed clinical psychologist.
  • MA and PhD in Applied Social Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago. Also, BA in Asian History and Sociology from Wesleyan University. (I have a busy brain and wandering curiosity.)
  • 30+ years teaching business and management courses and consulting and coaching with individuals, corporations, and not-for-profit organizations ranging from small family businesses to large multinational corporations, across diverse industries (business, technology, health care, education, social services). Go ahead, check out my client list.

I’m more proud that:

  • I was a working single mom—and the sole economic engine—to 2 boys for years. My intimate experience with stress led me to the slogan: Don’t get frustrated; get smarter. Figure out what matters most and get an ‘A’ there.
  • As of right now, I have two sons with college degrees and no debt, living independently, who appear able to navigate an imperfect world.
  • I had great clients to learn and grow with. The feedback I most often heard was: You changed my life. You made me better.
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