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Thank you for wanting to connect. I read every message but due to the number of emails I receive, can’t respond to all. Forgive me in advance.

email: [email protected]

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Dr. Laurie Anderson
120 West Madison, Suite 200-9
Chicago, IL 60602

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I hire Laurie to speak to my group?

Send an email to [email protected]. Include your name, the name of the group, and how best to contact you to discuss the purpose, location, timing, and fees.

Can I hire Dr. Laurie for one-on-one coaching?

Thank you for asking. At this point in my career, I’m more focused on broadening my reach, making my experience and insights accessible to more people, rather than one-on-one coaching. 

What are you like as a person?

That’s hard for me to answer, so I asked a friend to collect some things other friends (some who are also clients) have said about me:

“She’s really smart. But also caring and empathetic. It’s a rare combination.”

“She’s incredible at getting to root causes—like a heat-seeking missile with a heart. She always gives you the No Kidding Around, Simplest Way—although not easiest—to drive toward the best impact without wasting time or energy.”  

“She lived the divorced mom with a full-time career life for years, so she gets it.”

“She reads a lot! As a child, she wanted to marry books.”

“You’ll never see her sitting on a beach, but she’ll fly away to Paris any chance she gets.”

“She’s a wonderful friend.”

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