Personal Leadership Statement

Capture the Essence of Your Leadership Agenda—on One Page!

The Personal Leadership Statement© (PLS) identifies, on one-page, the essence of our individual leadership platform in a current assignment.

Individual leadership platforms support, and flow from larger (i.e., organizational, business unit, functional) agendas.

In the PLS, we clarify our individual leadership accountability for a specific contribution within our own sphere of influence. We identify the exact nature of the business improvement we will drive as well as the core strategies we will employ, and the metrics that will define our success or failure.

The PLS is designed to ensure that:

  1. We think and prioritize before igniting others to action.
  2. We are focused so our teams can be focused and better able to resist the trap of trying to do everything while not accomplishing what is most important.
  3. We volunteer accountability by selecting the exact measures and targets that will broadcast our success or failure.
  4. We organize our time to serve this agenda first and foremost.
  5. We make commitments to the system and deliver on those commitments.

7 Key Elements

Element Answers the Question(s)
Mission What is your essential value proposition as an individual leader in this current assignment? What services are you committed to delivering as a leader, no matter what?
Core Operating Principles What standards of behavior and/or values guide how you work?
Vision Based on the organization’s vision, what specifically will you lead others to create or improve in your area of influence in the next 12 months?
Metrics How will accomplishment of, or movement towards, your exact vision be measured? What are the key targets and how did you arrive at those?
Strategies What are the key pathways you will target to realize your vision?
Defining Rituals What are the observable routines that will represent ‘on course’ versus ‘not on course’?
Alignment How do you intend to align relevant others around this charge?
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