You’re in experienced hands.

Dr. Laurie understands people, psychology, and complex situations in a way that most of us get elementary arithmetic. My advice? Listen to Laurie. Really listen.

Lisa Steele
Vice President, Group Sales, US Foods

Dr. Laurie’s ability to think differently—and to frame the business opportunities fast and smart—directly helped me move faster and smarter in leading my business units.This has been true at multiple Fortune 100 companies. Also, she understands how leadership teams can level up from wherever they are.

Her expertise as a psychologist strengthens business partnerships as well as parenting and families. Today, I am a better father, husband and business leader because of Dr. Laurie. I’m glad she’s now writing and speaking more, as she has made me better in every aspect of my life.

Jim Norberg
Chief Operating Officer, North America, Papa John’s International 

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Laurie Anderson has provided me with tangible, constant benefits: thinking strategically, connecting deeply, leading decisively, and delivering results. Simply put, she will identify the questions that you are not challenging yourself with, and together you will create clarity on where you can make the biggest gains, and certainly accomplish it in less time.

Dr. Laurie is transformative. I highly recommend reading anything she has written, listening to her advice, and taking advantage of any opportunity to engage her expertise.

Debra Stroud
Vice President, Operations, Starbucks

Dr. Anderson demonstrates a remarkable ability to quickly connect with people across all cultures and geographies, supporting their growth to eclipse barriers thought to be beyond reach—both personally and professionally.  While I have worked with many coaches over the years, Dr. Anderson is at the very top at confronting root-cause issues, no matter how deep, and building a plan that leads to sustained success.

Todd Podell
Chief Procurement Officer, General Manager, Head of Enterprise Transformation, Multiple Fortune 250 Companies

I’ve been working with Dr. Laurie since Covid hit. I was never in the hunt for a coach and normally don’t read many business books. I don’t have the time and don’t think most of these ‘experts’ really get what it’s like to lead hundreds of people and hundreds of stores. Months later, and it may actually have been after a few conversations, I saw that Dr. Laurie was different. She gets to the point fast and gives me an immediate alternative. Now, I will read anything she writes and show up whenever she’s got something to share.

Michael Meche
Vice President, Corporate Operations, Papa John’s International

In numerous companies, I’ve hired coaches for senior people who need a combination of personal and professional insight. People consistently choose Dr. Laurie, when given the choice between coaches, because they know she will provide insights and help get them to a better place—happier, healthier, more productive.

Most importantly, Dr. Laurie is smart, wise, funny, and knows exactly what is needed. She is kind and caring and able to make her points in a way that hits the mark vs. a punch in the nose and everything in between.

Jill Pergande
Chief Human Resources Officer, Santa Cruz Healthcare

Laurie never pulls any punches.  I’ve hired her to assist me at every executive job I’ve taken over 15 years. She tells it like it is, and always challenges me to elevate my game while offering timely advice for turning challenging situations into high-impact leadership moments… at work, at home, and in my community.

David B.
Chief Strategy Officer, Global Beverage Company

Dr. Laurie helped me transform one of the lowest performing teams to the highest performing team within our business. She has a direct and funny yet gentle way of pointing out behaviors that I need to modify or stop in order to achieve my personal and professional goals. She helped ensure that I could have a big job while still prioritizing my roles as wife and mother.

I have worked with different executive and personal life coaches throughout my career, and no one has the capabilities, wit, and wisdom of Dr. Laurie to quickly and accurately identify my or my team’s derailers or obstacles and chart a path forward to a successful outcome.

Anne-Marie Wieland D’Angelo
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, NiSource

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