The 15-Minute Leadership Quiz

Ready… Set…

If you can answer these questions in fewer than 15 minutes and be content with your answers, then you likely have no pressing need for additional leadership support. Check your watch now and…


  1. In your own words, what is a leader and how is it different than a manager?
  2. What characterizes a great leader?
  3. Are you a leader? Why? How?
  4. If yes, what are you here, in this assignment, in this organization, to create or contribute through your leadership….exactly? Who are the people who would describe your leadership charge in precisely the same way?
  5. What makes your leadership distinctive and how do you leverage that?
  6. What do you most need to improve to be successful?
  7. What new approaches are you using to improve your leadership efficacy better, faster, cheaper this year?
  8. What do you hold yourself accountable to providing in terms of leadership values, behaviors, and results?
  9. Who holds you accountable now for those contributions?
  10. What are the three most important steps you routinely take to align people with your vision?
  11. How would you grade the balance you have now between work and life outside of work (A-F scale)?
  12. What would it take to get a higher grade next year without losing any effectiveness?
  13. What are the two things you will master to make you a candidate for an even tougher assignment next year?
  14. What do you want your legacy to be? Does it matter that you decide in advance or should we just let time tell us what your imprint was?
  15. Who are the smartest, most inspiring people you consult with regularly from outside your organization to help you become who you want to be and achieve what you want to achieve?
  16. Which of these questions would you contend is irrelevant for you to be able to answer to be a considered a great leader for your staff, your organization, in your own eyes, and in the lens of history?

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