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Pick Your A’s

⏤Excerpted from the forthcoming Pick Your A’s by Dr. Laurie Anderson⏤ I remember the moment like it was yesterday, not 20 years ago. My sons were young—probably around 12 and 8—and very grumpy one night about the dinner menu. “Not the chili again,” said he-who-will-not-be-called-out. It is true that my cooking repertoire was limited to …

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When Executives Divorce

When Executives Divorce

A Florida paper recently reported that there would not be a final divorce decree granted to a 55-year-old executive, known throughout the state for his track record as a successful business leader. The executive didn’t change his mind about wanting a divorce. He just died—without warning, at the TEN YEAR mark of his costly, high-profile …

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Effective Career Planning Conversations with Your Boss

Goal To invite managerial direction, perspective, and support for your organization-specific career thinking (i.e., you are there to talk about career plans that fit with THAT company’s needs/direction). The conversation is wildly successful when: Your manager has heard and responded to your ideas about where you’d like your career to go next and why. There …

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